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We are a company specialized in the extraction and transformation of natural stones used in construction and interior decoration. With an accumulated experience of 12 years, combined with the latest equipment, we work with the best portuguese natural stones in order to provide products with the highest quality, rigor and within the deadlines required by our customers.

We have a team of professionals with us, some with over 40 years of experience that allow us to ensure the quality of the work we are involved in.

In addition to all the marble and granite, we specialize in one of the most noble stones in Portugal, we are talking about Lioz, which is present in almost all monuments at national level, mainly in Lisbon.

This specialization is also due to the fact that we have our own quarry in Lioz, which makes us autonomous in the projects that use this stone.


We are committed to guaranteeing you the best quality at the best price

Coatings / Cut to size

All types of floor and wall coverings. We have equipment for rigorous drilling of stone for ventilated facades, thus facilitating the application and ensuring compliance with the execution specifications.

Cantarias / Ceramics

We produce all types of bespoke stonework such as thresholds, sills, capments, plain or recessed, solid or glued.

WC equipment

Tops, countertops, washbasins, shower trays, shelves, stone doors, we develop projects tailored to the needs of each client.

Design products and others

Contemporary and exclusive pieces, solid benches, gutters, table tops for cafes and restaurants, as well as personalized dishes in natural stone. Ping Pong tables. Boilers for the trees.


Photo gallery of some of our work.


Hotel Pinne Cliffs in Albufeira

Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon

Capitólio in Lisbon

Calçada do Monte in Mouraria

Palácio Benagazil in Lisbon


Hotel Praia do Sal in Alcochete

Various Residential Buildings in Lisbon

ongoing projects:

Tagus Bay in Alcochete

Basic school of Qta. do Conde

Basic school of Olivais

Various Residential Buildings at Lisbon, in Rodrigo da Fonseca Street and Defensores de Chaves Avenue

and others...

Talk to us

212 891 229
Rua Campo do Vimal nº 3 e 3A
2715-712 Montelavar

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